Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Photos coming soon!!!!

Question ....

Is it wrong to say "I love you"?

Have you ever told someone that you love them and they told you it made them feel uncomfortable?

A couple of weeks ago my mother and I went to the opera. While I was dropping her off I turned to give her a hug and said "I love you". Suddenly she stopped me and said that made her uncomfortable. She said that I say it so often it seems all for show. The younger generation uses that phrase so loosely and she thought that I was following suit. I felt that I got slapped in the face. My own mother just admitted that she doesn't know me at all. I don't say "I love you" to people without really meaning it. I say that to the people I care about the most.

Maybe the reason I say "I love you" so much is because I want to show my family that I love them even if we don't always get along. The history that I have with my family is not a "Leave it to Beaver" kind of story. There are a lot of hurt and mixed feelings, but I do love them and would do anything for them. I have given up a lot over the years for my family and put myself in a position where I was the caretaker and peacemaker ... even when I should have walked away. Sometimes it even made the gap between us even bigger. Even though most of the time I feel left behind and forgotten (or that I am the bad guy), I still say it because I believe it.  I keep hoping that they will say it back and I will have that moment of peace.

 So tell me, is it wrong to say "I love you" ... even when you know the meaning will be lost?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wishing For

.... a delicious sandwich and beverage to warm me up, but remind me of home

..... to jump into these bubbles like Mary Poppins to get away

.... a movie night by the fire (with Vanilla Bean Candles)

..... the sound of the twins laughing

..... Everyone to have a wonderful weekend

......... a moment of peace.

I Think I Can... I Think I can... I Think i can.. I think

This Weekend's To Do List

  • See Dad in "West Side Story" as Officer Krupke
  • Organize Guest Room
  • Clean House
  • Teach CCD
  • Buy Baby Shower Gift
  • Buy Bday Gift
  • Run Errands
  • Throw Surprise Baby Shower ~ "Nick's Last Fling Before the Teething Ring!"
  • Burn CD of Jon and Wendy's Wedding Photos
  • Attend Jon's 50th Bday Party
  • Makeover Blog
  • Updates
  • Upload Pictures
Does anyone else have something to add?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A New Beginning

It's been over a year since I last shared my thoughts with you. Get ready for an update... and a make over. ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm back!!!!

Sorry for the extended holiday but so many things are happening. .... Stay tuned for details.

It's great to be back!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses and shoes

My wedding is in June of 2010. I wanted to go with a shorter dress for summer. I have been a bridesmaid so many times and never really had a dress I could wear again. I think if you are going to ask your bridesmaids to spend all this money on a dress, why not pick something that they can use again.

And the winner is.....

Picture this bridesmaid's dress in solid Euro Scarlet (Red) with some type of gold shoe. After the wedding they can shorten it even more and wear it out.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love this Wedding Invitation

Taking 2 boys to the beach

Say hello to Arthur and Lupus. :)

Arthur is my friend Nick's dog and Lupus belongs to my roommate Steve. I love them both dearly!

On Sat, most of the roommates and I decided to go to a friend's house on the beach in NH. We all crammed into Steve's car and headed out. Lupus could not keep still on the way up, while Arthur slept through most of the journey.

Arthur loved the beach. He dove into the ice cold water after balls and sticks. He would play in the ocean for hours if you let him. Unfortunately, Lupus was not a fan. He was so afraid of the water the first time Steve took him that he tried to run back to the house, almost getting hit by a car. My heart was in my throat. I cried "Lupus! NO!!!!" Thankfully the driver saw him coming and slowed down. I have never been so scared in my life! I kept yelling at him but couldn't seem to stop hugging him.

The rest of the day was more relaxed and we even got Lupus to sit on the shore while Arthur played in the water. I think we will keep working with Lupus. ;)