Monday, March 30, 2009

New Moon Anyone?

I find myself becoming engrossed in the Twilight series. Looking forward to November 20th, 2009 when New Moon is released in theaters.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I wish I was lying under this tree looking up. The moon would be smiling down and the breeze would gently caress my face. Nature's sound would be my playlist and the air my blanket.


"Don't fear pressure,for pressure is what turns rough stones into diamonds"


you go, take

your whole

heart along.

A friend of mine sent me some "quotes to live by". I have been feeling a bit worn out from being sick and having people telling what I should and shouldn't do for the wedding. It hasn't even been 2 weeks people, let me enjoy being engaged first! Sheesh. lol I just hope that they realize this is our wedding and not theirs. (sigh)

Dear friends,

How do you deal with people trying to take over your wedding? How do you keep everyone's feelings from being hurt?


~ Kubby

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Proposal

Her story:

I was in St Louis for my Aunt Lynn's 50th surprise party. Michael couldn't make it because of work. He called me that morning at 7am, which was odd. Lucky for him, I was already up watching WALLE with my baby cousin James. Michael just wanted to know how everything had gone the night before and what we were doing that day. Everything seemed normal. Little did I know. ;)

Later that day, we were all sitting around eating lunch when I saw my father leave in his car. I thought that was rather odd and asked everyone where he was going. They assumed he was going to get medicine because he hadn’t been feeling well. He was back in about 10 -15 min. He then informed us that he had forgotten his computer at the hotel. Uh Oh! “Kris, will you come with me? I’d like the company and I’m not feeling too well.” “Sure!” So we left. He then sent me inside.

When I opened the door to the room, I saw the bathroom door closing. I thought to myself, “No that can’t be right. I made that up. Let me check.” When I opened the door, someone pulled it shut. I jumped back about 2 feet. “Oh hell no! Someone is in here stealing my parents’ stuff. Should I confront them? They might be bigger than me. Should I run away? No I am gonna confront them… while I keep my hand on the front door just in case.” So I go to open the door and Michael jumps out from behind a wall yelling, “SURPRISE!!!” I screamed and jumped about 3 feet! I didn’t understand how he had gotten out of the bathroom. He told me he wanted to see me. I was so touched that he would drive all the way from Chicago just to see me for a few hours. “I have a card for you. Here read it.”

For My Soul Mate

If you ever wonder

How I feel about you...

Look in the mirror.

In your reflection you'll see...

The person I want to spend my whole life with,

The one I love more than words can say,

The one that makes me happy,

The one I want to grow old with.

So if you ever have any doubt about who makes my life complete,

Look into the mirror and you'll see.

I Love You...

Today and Always

Remember today, always.

I love you, I love you, I love you


After I read the card, I thought “Is this it? No it can’t be. I know that he’s not ready to do this yet.” Michael then asked me to sit on the bed because he had something else to give me. Then he pulled out a ring box from one of the dresser drawers and got down on one knee. I started bawling.I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. He asked me with tears in his eyes,"You are the most important thing in the world to me. Will you marry me? ". Well Duh! Of course I said YES!!!!!! I was so happy. I wanted to know who else knew. He then called his sister Joy out who had been hiding in the bathroom. Apparently, I arrived too early and she had to hideout in there. LOL Michael told me the reason he was asking me now was because he knew everytime I saw him, he knew I was thinking "Is this it?" He wanted to surprise me. Also, he knew that I had always wanted to tell my family in person. So we went back to my Aunt's house and went in. I think everyone was really confused because I was crying and then they saw Michael. I found my Mom, held up my hand and said "We are getting married!" Everyone started to freak out and hug. My Aunt Lynn and Uncle Gerry broke out the champagne and grape juice for the kids. Dad even gave a toast. I started to cry again when he got tears in his eyes.

Michael could not have planned it better. He got me! It was perfect!

His story:

Coming soon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sorry that I have been MIA for a while but I have a good reason.

We are engaged!!!!! :D

Story to follow. ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Found on Daily Decadence

I am dying of laughter! LOL Hilarious!

Please, Please, Please

Yesterday, the word of the day was....
Stop telling me what I should do with my life.
Stop telling me that what I chose is wrong.
Stop asking me questions that you already know the answers to. You know it hurts me.
Stop telling me I am too young.
Stop giving me excuses as to why it's not happening.
Stop telling me that's not what you had at my age so I shouldn't have it.
Stop saying that other things are more important.
Stop putting everything else first. Put us first.
Stop being so stubborn and think about this. Is it hurting someone?
Stop and listen to yourself. Do you think this is right?

Last night, I wanted to scream so loud so that everyone could hear me. It was a very frustrating day. I just felt ... alone... forgotten... not on the same page at all... not important... tired... angry... sad... stupid... fed up. You get the picture. I needed to write this out today. To say it to someone, somewhere. Thank you for letting me say it here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

61 Guily Pleasures (inspired by Marta Writes)

01. cokes with ice
02. buying DVDs and Books
03. salt and vinegar chips with a rootbeer
04. bubble baths with candles and music
05. taking too many photos
06. blogging
07. driving fast
08. Bath and Body Works Soap
09. going to the movies in time for the previews
10. popcorn with lots of butter and salt with a big Cherry Coke
11. fun and pretty desk supplies
12. getting mail that is not a bill
13. pretty postcards
14. my Disney checks
15. Disney anything!
16. wearing Michael's sweat pants or hoodies
17. falling asleep on the couch
18. eating raw cookie dough
19. Ru La La
20. movie/game nights
21. staying up late chatting with friends or family
22. taking long, hot showers
23. road trips with fun playlists
24. snuggling
25. guacamole and chips
26. romance novels by certain authors
27. dreaming of my future home and decorating it
28. looking at things to put in that home
29. flowers
30. bread pudding
31. watching all of a series in one day
32. snuggling with the dogs
33. playing with my cousins
34. having a baby/ young child fall asleep in my arms
35. rocking out to my music and dancing like no one is watching
36. candles
37. breakfast in bed
38. a good cup of tea
39. leaving work early
40. leaving work to go out to lunch with a friend
41. looking at ideas for weddings
42. downloading new music
43. Myth
44. reading books for fun
45. good wine and food
46. opera
47. musicals
48. theater
49. comedy shows
50. going out to dinner
51. pretending I'm a spy
52. talking in funny voices
53. swimming with my dog
54. water skiing
55. horseback riding
56. sailing/being on a boat
57. laser tag
58. sleeping in the middle of my bed surrounded by pillows
59. girl talk
60. butterscotch pudding

and I forgot one of my all time favorites!

61. sitting on my grandparents' porch while it rains. The smells and sounds are so relaxing! I even love to dance in the rain. :D
(Thanks for reminding me Clare. :) )

Adorable Wedding Guest Book

I found this on Freckled Nest. I love this idea. The Guestbook combines some of the couples Engagement & Bridal photos, along with cute quotes from their blog. Keep Freckled Nest in mind for your wedding. :)

Found on Flux Capacitor

The Way We Say I Love You

i am hovering over the baby, her cries

dry wells - she is sobbing from her deepest
chest and nothing rises in the bucket,
not one drop of water leaves her eye.

honey, i cry out to him over the television,
honey i don't know what is wrong with her.
he is watching his favorite show, and the last
ten nights he has not sat longer than ten minutes

or eaten dinner at the table or eaten dinner.
i see the rough of his beard move incrimently
and i know he is thinking about answering me,
or not. the beer is unopened and sits on top

his Robert Parker, also unopened. the baby
stuffs a bulb fist into her mouth, and mouths
the thing wet. the high whine of misery leaks
around her fingers, in the place of those absent tears.

honey? i see the bristles move outward with his jaw,
the fatigue of being absolutely necessary
one hundred percent of the time. although i understand,
i feel a scream building, cheeks jerking,

and i think i might cry out like the baby
but i might say 'goddammit!' or 'what the hell!'
because i have not slept more than three hours at a time
for more than three months, and because i cannot

make her happy, or stop her crying, and because i am
her mother and i do not know what to do. that alone
is enough. i look down at her. baby
looks at me, sucking her fist, and as my tears

fall onto her eyelids, i feel his hand on my shoulder,
his exhausted voice slightly edgy, rancid breath
on my face as he asks, ' what is it.. sweetheart? '

this is how i know that i am loved.

maggie may ethridge

Something about this poem spoke to me. This is what real love is.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We are going out for Emre's birthday. We will start at the TAM around 8pm and do Trivia around 9pm. The TAM is a great place to get strong, cheap drinks in Boston. Then the party will head over to the nightclub Rumor. I don't know if I will make it to Rumor, but I am super excited to be going out tonight.

Apologizes ... Here's the scoop

I apologize for being away for a few days, but I had a very busy weekend. Let me break it down for you.

Thursday night
I got my hair done after work and then headed over to The Publick House to meet a bunch of friends for dinner. We were all celebrating Erin B getting a new job. :) Then we went around the tables and we each found something to be happy for. Most of us got the Mac and Cheese which was amazing as always. After dinner, some of us headed back to my place for a nightcap and then said our goodbyes. My mother called me, or I called her, I can't remember. I started to tell her I needed to be up by 4am in order to make it to this meeting in NH with my boss, which was an utter lie. You see, I was flying home to surprise her for her birthday and had to take a 7am flight. It astounds me that I could come up with a convincing fabrication while being a wee bit tipsy. lol After our chat, I only had 4 hours till I needed to be up again for my flight home to Chicago.

My mother was so sweet. She called to "wake me up for my meeting" at 4am. LOL I knew then that she had no idea what she was in for. Emre drove me to the airport, which was so nice of him, and I made it. I flew Jetblue for the first time. Let me tell you I felt like I was in first class! I had 42 Direct TV channels, Satellite Radio, leather seats, extra leg room and windows you could actually see out of. Jetblue is the new airline for me.
My father picked me up from the airport. He and I had been planning to surprise my mother for over a month. We had a great car ride home. We found my Mom in the kitchen on her laptop. I snuck up behind her and threw my arms around her. She had no idea and seemed to be happy I was home. She had thought everyone had forgotten her bday. Sadly, my sister thought that Friday was the day we were doing something and didn't really go out with my Mom on Thursday,making her feel like no one cared. lol Little did she know.
I finally got to meet our new family dog, Sally. She is adorable but still very timid. If you would like to read about her story and Clouseau's, check out my Mom's blog. I spent most of the day trying to get her to be comfortable with me and then ran errands with my Mom and sister. We went to a high end furniture store so my sister could steal a catologue for her interior design class. My mother had me say that I was thinking about moving back from Boston (which is true) and needed new furniture. The icing on the cake was my sister saying, "And she is probably going to be engaged soon too!" Thanks Megan. Sheeh. lol So we got the catalogue and did a few other things.
Later that night, Michael met up with us for sushi. (He has stopped by after school to give me a kiss. :D I love that man.) Mom loves sushi and it was cheaper than going out to a fancy restaurant. We had a lovely meal and then went home to play games. Mind you I had had maybe 3-4 hours sleep, so I wasn't very helpful to my partner. lol

I spent the entire day running around with my friend Becky to get ready for Katie's surprise Bachelorette Party. (Becky and Katie have been my friends since 1st grade. I am very lucky to have them.) It was so hard getting Katie to come out because she has been swamped with moving and wedding planning but we did it! We opened gifts at Becky's new town home (which is beautiful) and had snacks. Then, we went to dinner and country line dancing at the Cadillac Ranch. How many of you know how to country line dance? I don't. lol It was fun but I was very intimidated and did not get on the dance floor as much as I should have. However, I have decided to learn some moves for the wedding to surprise Katie.

I went to brunch at Mint Julep Bistro with the family. This place is soooooo good and cheap. I think it will be a new hangout spot for me when I move home. After brunch, my good friend Isabelle came over to hang out and meet the dogs. Then we went to Michael's new apt and hung out for a bit.

I went to lunch and ran around with my Mom, said goodbye to Michael and took a plane home.

I did so much but still didn't get to do everything. I think my heart is leaning more and more to moving back home to Chicago.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM

This is our song.

I Heart these sheets

Pottery Barn is selling Dr. Seuss bedding! It features illustrations of Yertle the Turtle, the Cat in the Hat, Horton and Sam-I-Am.

I know that this is advertised for kids, but I want it!!!!

I love my family!!!

I was talking with my Aunt Leaann today about how things are going at home. She shared this little conversation she had last night with my 4 year old cousin James.

James: Mommy. Do you ever get the feeling that I sneak into the kitchen, get a cookie and go upstairs?

Leaann: Yes, like every night. (laughs)

James: Do you have that feeling now?

Got to love kids! LOL

To all of you who are

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009



I finished one of my books today in record time, 90 min. I loved this book. It was so twisted and dark. It is very different from the movie but still enjoyable. I recommend this book and the movie in 3D, but do not encourage them for small children.

Two Thumbs up! ;)

Next on my list will be "Why We Suck", by Denis Leary. I need to finish that one by Friday to loan it to a friend.


I love reading books. It's the ultimate treat to read with candles burning and music playing in the background. I never really had time to read things that didn't have to do with my profession. When I get to read, I never really go for the "real books" first. I usually go for romance novels. :) However, I have purchased a lot of great books over the past few months and haven't gotten to them. This is going to change. I have decided to read a "real book" in between each romance novel. Also, I plan to read at least one book a week.

When Life gives you Lemons.

Thanks so much to the Essential E for awarding me with the lemonade award for my blournal! This award is for blogs that demonstrate great attitude and/or gratitude.

Rules for the award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.

So here are my the first 4 blog nominations to receive the Lemonade Award.
1. Creative Genius Girl Inc.
2. Till the Stars turn Cold
3. Naturally Nina
4. This and That

The rest will be added on Tuesday. :D