Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Proposal

Her story:

I was in St Louis for my Aunt Lynn's 50th surprise party. Michael couldn't make it because of work. He called me that morning at 7am, which was odd. Lucky for him, I was already up watching WALLE with my baby cousin James. Michael just wanted to know how everything had gone the night before and what we were doing that day. Everything seemed normal. Little did I know. ;)

Later that day, we were all sitting around eating lunch when I saw my father leave in his car. I thought that was rather odd and asked everyone where he was going. They assumed he was going to get medicine because he hadn’t been feeling well. He was back in about 10 -15 min. He then informed us that he had forgotten his computer at the hotel. Uh Oh! “Kris, will you come with me? I’d like the company and I’m not feeling too well.” “Sure!” So we left. He then sent me inside.

When I opened the door to the room, I saw the bathroom door closing. I thought to myself, “No that can’t be right. I made that up. Let me check.” When I opened the door, someone pulled it shut. I jumped back about 2 feet. “Oh hell no! Someone is in here stealing my parents’ stuff. Should I confront them? They might be bigger than me. Should I run away? No I am gonna confront them… while I keep my hand on the front door just in case.” So I go to open the door and Michael jumps out from behind a wall yelling, “SURPRISE!!!” I screamed and jumped about 3 feet! I didn’t understand how he had gotten out of the bathroom. He told me he wanted to see me. I was so touched that he would drive all the way from Chicago just to see me for a few hours. “I have a card for you. Here read it.”

For My Soul Mate

If you ever wonder

How I feel about you...

Look in the mirror.

In your reflection you'll see...

The person I want to spend my whole life with,

The one I love more than words can say,

The one that makes me happy,

The one I want to grow old with.

So if you ever have any doubt about who makes my life complete,

Look into the mirror and you'll see.

I Love You...

Today and Always

Remember today, always.

I love you, I love you, I love you


After I read the card, I thought “Is this it? No it can’t be. I know that he’s not ready to do this yet.” Michael then asked me to sit on the bed because he had something else to give me. Then he pulled out a ring box from one of the dresser drawers and got down on one knee. I started bawling.I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. He asked me with tears in his eyes,"You are the most important thing in the world to me. Will you marry me? ". Well Duh! Of course I said YES!!!!!! I was so happy. I wanted to know who else knew. He then called his sister Joy out who had been hiding in the bathroom. Apparently, I arrived too early and she had to hideout in there. LOL Michael told me the reason he was asking me now was because he knew everytime I saw him, he knew I was thinking "Is this it?" He wanted to surprise me. Also, he knew that I had always wanted to tell my family in person. So we went back to my Aunt's house and went in. I think everyone was really confused because I was crying and then they saw Michael. I found my Mom, held up my hand and said "We are getting married!" Everyone started to freak out and hug. My Aunt Lynn and Uncle Gerry broke out the champagne and grape juice for the kids. Dad even gave a toast. I started to cry again when he got tears in his eyes.

Michael could not have planned it better. He got me! It was perfect!

His story:

Coming soon

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Jojo said...

soooooo perfect, I just cried reading that! hehe! Such great news, you'll be so happy together and the next few months of planning will be crazy but just the best time ever. It's funny, i've been off blogger for about 4 weeks and I missed so much! xx