Wednesday, March 11, 2009

61 Guily Pleasures (inspired by Marta Writes)

01. cokes with ice
02. buying DVDs and Books
03. salt and vinegar chips with a rootbeer
04. bubble baths with candles and music
05. taking too many photos
06. blogging
07. driving fast
08. Bath and Body Works Soap
09. going to the movies in time for the previews
10. popcorn with lots of butter and salt with a big Cherry Coke
11. fun and pretty desk supplies
12. getting mail that is not a bill
13. pretty postcards
14. my Disney checks
15. Disney anything!
16. wearing Michael's sweat pants or hoodies
17. falling asleep on the couch
18. eating raw cookie dough
19. Ru La La
20. movie/game nights
21. staying up late chatting with friends or family
22. taking long, hot showers
23. road trips with fun playlists
24. snuggling
25. guacamole and chips
26. romance novels by certain authors
27. dreaming of my future home and decorating it
28. looking at things to put in that home
29. flowers
30. bread pudding
31. watching all of a series in one day
32. snuggling with the dogs
33. playing with my cousins
34. having a baby/ young child fall asleep in my arms
35. rocking out to my music and dancing like no one is watching
36. candles
37. breakfast in bed
38. a good cup of tea
39. leaving work early
40. leaving work to go out to lunch with a friend
41. looking at ideas for weddings
42. downloading new music
43. Myth
44. reading books for fun
45. good wine and food
46. opera
47. musicals
48. theater
49. comedy shows
50. going out to dinner
51. pretending I'm a spy
52. talking in funny voices
53. swimming with my dog
54. water skiing
55. horseback riding
56. sailing/being on a boat
57. laser tag
58. sleeping in the middle of my bed surrounded by pillows
59. girl talk
60. butterscotch pudding

and I forgot one of my all time favorites!

61. sitting on my grandparents' porch while it rains. The smells and sounds are so relaxing! I even love to dance in the rain. :D
(Thanks for reminding me Clare. :) )


Clare said...

What an amazing post! I love like, 57 of them! Pssst the 3 i would pass on involve water ski-ing, boats and swimming hehe

I might have to steal this idea from you!!

Indie.Tea said...

You've made me hungry for junk food now...:)

Jojo said...

Me too! Although I am most guilty of 27 & 28 at the moment.