Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses and shoes

My wedding is in June of 2010. I wanted to go with a shorter dress for summer. I have been a bridesmaid so many times and never really had a dress I could wear again. I think if you are going to ask your bridesmaids to spend all this money on a dress, why not pick something that they can use again.

And the winner is.....

Picture this bridesmaid's dress in solid Euro Scarlet (Red) with some type of gold shoe. After the wedding they can shorten it even more and wear it out.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love this Wedding Invitation

Taking 2 boys to the beach

Say hello to Arthur and Lupus. :)

Arthur is my friend Nick's dog and Lupus belongs to my roommate Steve. I love them both dearly!

On Sat, most of the roommates and I decided to go to a friend's house on the beach in NH. We all crammed into Steve's car and headed out. Lupus could not keep still on the way up, while Arthur slept through most of the journey.

Arthur loved the beach. He dove into the ice cold water after balls and sticks. He would play in the ocean for hours if you let him. Unfortunately, Lupus was not a fan. He was so afraid of the water the first time Steve took him that he tried to run back to the house, almost getting hit by a car. My heart was in my throat. I cried "Lupus! NO!!!!" Thankfully the driver saw him coming and slowed down. I have never been so scared in my life! I kept yelling at him but couldn't seem to stop hugging him.

The rest of the day was more relaxed and we even got Lupus to sit on the shore while Arthur played in the water. I think we will keep working with Lupus. ;)

ET always screens my calls

I can't phone home. Why? ...... I lost my cell phone.

Bad news: I lost my cell phone this past Sat at the beach in NH. It was gone somewhere between getting out of the car, wrangling two dogs and bringing everything into my friend's house. I'm not sad that I lost the phone, I'm sad that I lost all the numbers.
Lesson: Back up your contacts.

Good news: I was going to purchase a new phone this month. This is the one I have chosen.
The Palm Pre

I hopefully get it on Sat.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Smart Bra

I'm not sure how to feel about this one ladies.

The Smart Memory Bra by Lisca pushes up your breasts when you're attracted to someone. How? When you're in a state of arousal, your body temperature rises; the bra's heat-sensitive foam senses that and squeezes your breasts in and up. It will be available in the UK this summer for around $40...if you dare.

Smitten asks. "Is it a brilliant idea? (Your crush will notice your perky breasts.) Or is it a disaster waiting to happen? (Imagine your breasts thrusting around in front of the hot coffee shop guy, your attractive boss, your handsome professor, your friend's cute dad, etc...Busted!)"

My answer: I kind of want to try it to see if it actually works. Hey... it would be a great addition to a Halloween costume. LOL

Recession Answer

In Answer to Smitten, I refuse to skimp on ....

* Good hair cuts. I agree that a good haircut can do more for your wardrobe than a new outfit. That also goes for shampoo and conditioner. They make the look last longer.

* Soft Toilet Paper. It's a must!

* Underwear. I am not about to caught backstage in something that isn't appealing.


Today it may be raining, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun!

Here are some things that have already brightened my day...

* Moments remembered ... This is how I want to remember my wedding day.

* Inspiration ... I am writing my resume and personal statement for a job today. This is motivating.

* Home organization for two ... I love this idea for my fiancee. He always forgets when things are and looses his keys. ;)

* Bring on the Show with two of Hollywood's sexy men ... I don't know if this will be good, but I am willing to give it a try. ;)

* The Spirit of Love ... These photos are so precious!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Heart this light

This would go great with our guest bedroom duvet set.

I still can't get this out of my head

Wow I didn't even realize this was my 100th post!!!!

Oh to see one's self ....

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your body will do peculiar things?

Well I have...
and today...
I'm a waddler.

If you love Nathan Fillion

You'll love this fan video

My recommendation this month


It was one of the best movies I have seen this year! Also, it's probably one of the best action films out there. I'll admit that I didn't have high hopes for this one, but I am so happy that my intuition was wrong. The humor was great and I was never once bored. Plus there is eye candy on the screen for everyone! ;)

Must see!

I'm back... Duh Duh DUH!!!!


Hello friends! Miss me?

I am so sorry that I have been mia for a over a month. Things have been crazy! You have all been so generous with your stories and updates and I feel as though I have let you down. Well I promise that I am going to rectify that situation right now. So here's the scoop....

What's happened since I've been gone

Um well tons.... where to start... Let's start with the big things!

* My best friend Katie got married! It was the most beautiful wedding! I promise that I will have another post with details! Just remember this: Always have an emergency kit!

* Michael's cousin got married in Washington DC! The wedding was so fun and laid back. That is so what I want for ours.

What's happening in my life now

* Looking for a job in the Chicago land area. I am applying for a few positions, including a High School Teaching Assistant. I want a job with benefits that also allows me to work on my music/theater.

* I have job for the month of July with a Children's Musical Theater Group. :)

What's happening in the future

1. I am moving from Chicago to Boston in 33 days!

*Moving in with the 'rents to save money, but feeling good about it.

2. I am getting married in 388 days! (The only reason I know that is because of the lol

* More on this to follow. ;)


Thank you so much CreativeGeniusGirlInc and Clare for helping me realize I needed to come back! ;) xoxo

Thursday, April 2, 2009


It's official! I gave my boss notice! I will be leaving in June and moving back to Chicago!!!! :D

There is a part of me that is sad to be leaving Boston but the other is so excited to finally see Michael everyday!

Things I need to think about and accomplish before doing things for the wedding:
  • Get a job!!!
  • Sublet my place for the last 2 months or find someone to move in
  • Figure out the exact day I am moving and the costs
  • Start collecting boxes
  • Figure out what is going with me
  • Sell my furniture to pay for some of the moving expenses

Oh Sweet Papery how I love thee...

I love Sweet Papery on Etsy! This is the design for our Save the Date stamp.

Also, I ordered a version of this stamp for my parents to say "Thank You!" My mother has wanted one forever and I thought this was cute and original.

More purchases will be made I'm sure. ;)

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Moon Anyone?

I find myself becoming engrossed in the Twilight series. Looking forward to November 20th, 2009 when New Moon is released in theaters.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I wish I was lying under this tree looking up. The moon would be smiling down and the breeze would gently caress my face. Nature's sound would be my playlist and the air my blanket.


"Don't fear pressure,for pressure is what turns rough stones into diamonds"


you go, take

your whole

heart along.

A friend of mine sent me some "quotes to live by". I have been feeling a bit worn out from being sick and having people telling what I should and shouldn't do for the wedding. It hasn't even been 2 weeks people, let me enjoy being engaged first! Sheesh. lol I just hope that they realize this is our wedding and not theirs. (sigh)

Dear friends,

How do you deal with people trying to take over your wedding? How do you keep everyone's feelings from being hurt?


~ Kubby

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Proposal

Her story:

I was in St Louis for my Aunt Lynn's 50th surprise party. Michael couldn't make it because of work. He called me that morning at 7am, which was odd. Lucky for him, I was already up watching WALLE with my baby cousin James. Michael just wanted to know how everything had gone the night before and what we were doing that day. Everything seemed normal. Little did I know. ;)

Later that day, we were all sitting around eating lunch when I saw my father leave in his car. I thought that was rather odd and asked everyone where he was going. They assumed he was going to get medicine because he hadn’t been feeling well. He was back in about 10 -15 min. He then informed us that he had forgotten his computer at the hotel. Uh Oh! “Kris, will you come with me? I’d like the company and I’m not feeling too well.” “Sure!” So we left. He then sent me inside.

When I opened the door to the room, I saw the bathroom door closing. I thought to myself, “No that can’t be right. I made that up. Let me check.” When I opened the door, someone pulled it shut. I jumped back about 2 feet. “Oh hell no! Someone is in here stealing my parents’ stuff. Should I confront them? They might be bigger than me. Should I run away? No I am gonna confront them… while I keep my hand on the front door just in case.” So I go to open the door and Michael jumps out from behind a wall yelling, “SURPRISE!!!” I screamed and jumped about 3 feet! I didn’t understand how he had gotten out of the bathroom. He told me he wanted to see me. I was so touched that he would drive all the way from Chicago just to see me for a few hours. “I have a card for you. Here read it.”

For My Soul Mate

If you ever wonder

How I feel about you...

Look in the mirror.

In your reflection you'll see...

The person I want to spend my whole life with,

The one I love more than words can say,

The one that makes me happy,

The one I want to grow old with.

So if you ever have any doubt about who makes my life complete,

Look into the mirror and you'll see.

I Love You...

Today and Always

Remember today, always.

I love you, I love you, I love you


After I read the card, I thought “Is this it? No it can’t be. I know that he’s not ready to do this yet.” Michael then asked me to sit on the bed because he had something else to give me. Then he pulled out a ring box from one of the dresser drawers and got down on one knee. I started bawling.I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. He asked me with tears in his eyes,"You are the most important thing in the world to me. Will you marry me? ". Well Duh! Of course I said YES!!!!!! I was so happy. I wanted to know who else knew. He then called his sister Joy out who had been hiding in the bathroom. Apparently, I arrived too early and she had to hideout in there. LOL Michael told me the reason he was asking me now was because he knew everytime I saw him, he knew I was thinking "Is this it?" He wanted to surprise me. Also, he knew that I had always wanted to tell my family in person. So we went back to my Aunt's house and went in. I think everyone was really confused because I was crying and then they saw Michael. I found my Mom, held up my hand and said "We are getting married!" Everyone started to freak out and hug. My Aunt Lynn and Uncle Gerry broke out the champagne and grape juice for the kids. Dad even gave a toast. I started to cry again when he got tears in his eyes.

Michael could not have planned it better. He got me! It was perfect!

His story:

Coming soon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sorry that I have been MIA for a while but I have a good reason.

We are engaged!!!!! :D

Story to follow. ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Found on Daily Decadence

I am dying of laughter! LOL Hilarious!

Please, Please, Please

Yesterday, the word of the day was....
Stop telling me what I should do with my life.
Stop telling me that what I chose is wrong.
Stop asking me questions that you already know the answers to. You know it hurts me.
Stop telling me I am too young.
Stop giving me excuses as to why it's not happening.
Stop telling me that's not what you had at my age so I shouldn't have it.
Stop saying that other things are more important.
Stop putting everything else first. Put us first.
Stop being so stubborn and think about this. Is it hurting someone?
Stop and listen to yourself. Do you think this is right?

Last night, I wanted to scream so loud so that everyone could hear me. It was a very frustrating day. I just felt ... alone... forgotten... not on the same page at all... not important... tired... angry... sad... stupid... fed up. You get the picture. I needed to write this out today. To say it to someone, somewhere. Thank you for letting me say it here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

61 Guily Pleasures (inspired by Marta Writes)

01. cokes with ice
02. buying DVDs and Books
03. salt and vinegar chips with a rootbeer
04. bubble baths with candles and music
05. taking too many photos
06. blogging
07. driving fast
08. Bath and Body Works Soap
09. going to the movies in time for the previews
10. popcorn with lots of butter and salt with a big Cherry Coke
11. fun and pretty desk supplies
12. getting mail that is not a bill
13. pretty postcards
14. my Disney checks
15. Disney anything!
16. wearing Michael's sweat pants or hoodies
17. falling asleep on the couch
18. eating raw cookie dough
19. Ru La La
20. movie/game nights
21. staying up late chatting with friends or family
22. taking long, hot showers
23. road trips with fun playlists
24. snuggling
25. guacamole and chips
26. romance novels by certain authors
27. dreaming of my future home and decorating it
28. looking at things to put in that home
29. flowers
30. bread pudding
31. watching all of a series in one day
32. snuggling with the dogs
33. playing with my cousins
34. having a baby/ young child fall asleep in my arms
35. rocking out to my music and dancing like no one is watching
36. candles
37. breakfast in bed
38. a good cup of tea
39. leaving work early
40. leaving work to go out to lunch with a friend
41. looking at ideas for weddings
42. downloading new music
43. Myth
44. reading books for fun
45. good wine and food
46. opera
47. musicals
48. theater
49. comedy shows
50. going out to dinner
51. pretending I'm a spy
52. talking in funny voices
53. swimming with my dog
54. water skiing
55. horseback riding
56. sailing/being on a boat
57. laser tag
58. sleeping in the middle of my bed surrounded by pillows
59. girl talk
60. butterscotch pudding

and I forgot one of my all time favorites!

61. sitting on my grandparents' porch while it rains. The smells and sounds are so relaxing! I even love to dance in the rain. :D
(Thanks for reminding me Clare. :) )

Adorable Wedding Guest Book

I found this on Freckled Nest. I love this idea. The Guestbook combines some of the couples Engagement & Bridal photos, along with cute quotes from their blog. Keep Freckled Nest in mind for your wedding. :)

Found on Flux Capacitor

The Way We Say I Love You

i am hovering over the baby, her cries

dry wells - she is sobbing from her deepest
chest and nothing rises in the bucket,
not one drop of water leaves her eye.

honey, i cry out to him over the television,
honey i don't know what is wrong with her.
he is watching his favorite show, and the last
ten nights he has not sat longer than ten minutes

or eaten dinner at the table or eaten dinner.
i see the rough of his beard move incrimently
and i know he is thinking about answering me,
or not. the beer is unopened and sits on top

his Robert Parker, also unopened. the baby
stuffs a bulb fist into her mouth, and mouths
the thing wet. the high whine of misery leaks
around her fingers, in the place of those absent tears.

honey? i see the bristles move outward with his jaw,
the fatigue of being absolutely necessary
one hundred percent of the time. although i understand,
i feel a scream building, cheeks jerking,

and i think i might cry out like the baby
but i might say 'goddammit!' or 'what the hell!'
because i have not slept more than three hours at a time
for more than three months, and because i cannot

make her happy, or stop her crying, and because i am
her mother and i do not know what to do. that alone
is enough. i look down at her. baby
looks at me, sucking her fist, and as my tears

fall onto her eyelids, i feel his hand on my shoulder,
his exhausted voice slightly edgy, rancid breath
on my face as he asks, ' what is it.. sweetheart? '

this is how i know that i am loved.

maggie may ethridge

Something about this poem spoke to me. This is what real love is.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We are going out for Emre's birthday. We will start at the TAM around 8pm and do Trivia around 9pm. The TAM is a great place to get strong, cheap drinks in Boston. Then the party will head over to the nightclub Rumor. I don't know if I will make it to Rumor, but I am super excited to be going out tonight.

Apologizes ... Here's the scoop

I apologize for being away for a few days, but I had a very busy weekend. Let me break it down for you.

Thursday night
I got my hair done after work and then headed over to The Publick House to meet a bunch of friends for dinner. We were all celebrating Erin B getting a new job. :) Then we went around the tables and we each found something to be happy for. Most of us got the Mac and Cheese which was amazing as always. After dinner, some of us headed back to my place for a nightcap and then said our goodbyes. My mother called me, or I called her, I can't remember. I started to tell her I needed to be up by 4am in order to make it to this meeting in NH with my boss, which was an utter lie. You see, I was flying home to surprise her for her birthday and had to take a 7am flight. It astounds me that I could come up with a convincing fabrication while being a wee bit tipsy. lol After our chat, I only had 4 hours till I needed to be up again for my flight home to Chicago.

My mother was so sweet. She called to "wake me up for my meeting" at 4am. LOL I knew then that she had no idea what she was in for. Emre drove me to the airport, which was so nice of him, and I made it. I flew Jetblue for the first time. Let me tell you I felt like I was in first class! I had 42 Direct TV channels, Satellite Radio, leather seats, extra leg room and windows you could actually see out of. Jetblue is the new airline for me.
My father picked me up from the airport. He and I had been planning to surprise my mother for over a month. We had a great car ride home. We found my Mom in the kitchen on her laptop. I snuck up behind her and threw my arms around her. She had no idea and seemed to be happy I was home. She had thought everyone had forgotten her bday. Sadly, my sister thought that Friday was the day we were doing something and didn't really go out with my Mom on Thursday,making her feel like no one cared. lol Little did she know.
I finally got to meet our new family dog, Sally. She is adorable but still very timid. If you would like to read about her story and Clouseau's, check out my Mom's blog. I spent most of the day trying to get her to be comfortable with me and then ran errands with my Mom and sister. We went to a high end furniture store so my sister could steal a catologue for her interior design class. My mother had me say that I was thinking about moving back from Boston (which is true) and needed new furniture. The icing on the cake was my sister saying, "And she is probably going to be engaged soon too!" Thanks Megan. Sheeh. lol So we got the catalogue and did a few other things.
Later that night, Michael met up with us for sushi. (He has stopped by after school to give me a kiss. :D I love that man.) Mom loves sushi and it was cheaper than going out to a fancy restaurant. We had a lovely meal and then went home to play games. Mind you I had had maybe 3-4 hours sleep, so I wasn't very helpful to my partner. lol

I spent the entire day running around with my friend Becky to get ready for Katie's surprise Bachelorette Party. (Becky and Katie have been my friends since 1st grade. I am very lucky to have them.) It was so hard getting Katie to come out because she has been swamped with moving and wedding planning but we did it! We opened gifts at Becky's new town home (which is beautiful) and had snacks. Then, we went to dinner and country line dancing at the Cadillac Ranch. How many of you know how to country line dance? I don't. lol It was fun but I was very intimidated and did not get on the dance floor as much as I should have. However, I have decided to learn some moves for the wedding to surprise Katie.

I went to brunch at Mint Julep Bistro with the family. This place is soooooo good and cheap. I think it will be a new hangout spot for me when I move home. After brunch, my good friend Isabelle came over to hang out and meet the dogs. Then we went to Michael's new apt and hung out for a bit.

I went to lunch and ran around with my Mom, said goodbye to Michael and took a plane home.

I did so much but still didn't get to do everything. I think my heart is leaning more and more to moving back home to Chicago.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM

This is our song.

I Heart these sheets

Pottery Barn is selling Dr. Seuss bedding! It features illustrations of Yertle the Turtle, the Cat in the Hat, Horton and Sam-I-Am.

I know that this is advertised for kids, but I want it!!!!

I love my family!!!

I was talking with my Aunt Leaann today about how things are going at home. She shared this little conversation she had last night with my 4 year old cousin James.

James: Mommy. Do you ever get the feeling that I sneak into the kitchen, get a cookie and go upstairs?

Leaann: Yes, like every night. (laughs)

James: Do you have that feeling now?

Got to love kids! LOL

To all of you who are

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009



I finished one of my books today in record time, 90 min. I loved this book. It was so twisted and dark. It is very different from the movie but still enjoyable. I recommend this book and the movie in 3D, but do not encourage them for small children.

Two Thumbs up! ;)

Next on my list will be "Why We Suck", by Denis Leary. I need to finish that one by Friday to loan it to a friend.


I love reading books. It's the ultimate treat to read with candles burning and music playing in the background. I never really had time to read things that didn't have to do with my profession. When I get to read, I never really go for the "real books" first. I usually go for romance novels. :) However, I have purchased a lot of great books over the past few months and haven't gotten to them. This is going to change. I have decided to read a "real book" in between each romance novel. Also, I plan to read at least one book a week.

When Life gives you Lemons.

Thanks so much to the Essential E for awarding me with the lemonade award for my blournal! This award is for blogs that demonstrate great attitude and/or gratitude.

Rules for the award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.

So here are my the first 4 blog nominations to receive the Lemonade Award.
1. Creative Genius Girl Inc.
2. Till the Stars turn Cold
3. Naturally Nina
4. This and That

The rest will be added on Tuesday. :D

Friday, February 27, 2009

Last night's phone call

Last night, I got a phone call from Michael around 8:30pm. I completely regret not talking to him at that moment but I was preoccupied. When I called him back around 11pm, I knew something was wrong. He was upset, almost angry. Michael is usually a very calm and patient guy. I love that about him. He told me he had had a really bad day. One of his students had been hurt during an assembly at school because some of the other teachers were not doing their job. The hall was over crowded because other classes had decided to come in even though they were not on the schedule. Some teachers had let their students sit on the stairs and weren't paying attention. The students got out of hand and some how Michael's student, a bystander, got pushed or fell down the stairs. She may have broken her foot. Michael was livid. He is going to speak to the Assistant Principal about the matter today.

Things like this make me realize what a good man he is. Most people I know would have brushed the whole thing off and just given the students a talking to. Not everyone would try to reorganize how an assembly is run to prevent this from happening again. Michael really values what he does and the students he teaches. How many of us can say that we love what we do and really try to be the best at it? That we put others first instead of ourselves? This is one of the reasons why I love this man.

Best Man takes Out Bride

Found on Smitten.

OMG. I agree with A Cup of Joe that the groom should jump in the pool and kiss her! Hilarious.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who's who to you?

Who are these people in your life? Have you spoken to them lately? Have you told them what they mean to you? Does this picture resemble your group of friends? If you asked other people to describe the same people, would it be the same? Who would you be?

My wish for all of you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last night ....

We talked




I feel loved.

Monday, February 23, 2009

There are days

Hang in there. ;)

Wonderful Artisits' Project

Follow the link to this wonderful project.

The way I feel today

... And this woman is frustrated.

Today, I woke up in limbo. I am between frustration and contentment.

Every time I focus on last night's conversation with Michael, I sink lower into a funk. I feel that I am completely in the dark about our future. I wish that he could just give me an idea of what he is thinking. "When will you be ready to move to the next step?" I don't want to push him into something hes not ready for. However, he has been giving me the same answer for 3 years, "When the time is right." What the hell does that even mean? No offense but the time has been right several times. He tells me he wants to give me what I want, but all I want is him.
I had promised myself that I wouldn't focus on this, but it's so hard. It doesn't help that everyone I talk to asks me when we will be getting married or why hasn't he asked you already. He doesn't have to answer them. I do ... and I don't know what to say anymore because I can't think of a reason why we aren't. Maybe if we were in the same state it would be easier ... but right now, I just feel alone.

Feeling a bit blue~ Kubbybear

I'm a Dreamer... ;)

In answer to Essential E's question: Yes, I am a dreamer. I have wanted to read the Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funk for a while now. I am intrigued that Ms Funke starts each chapter with a selection from another book that ties into what the coming chapter is about. Essential E's example is one of Shel Silverstein poems, which starts off the first book. I adore this poem!

If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer...
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come in! Come in!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

24 things before I am 25

Inspired by Naturally Nina. This is a list of 24 things I would do before I turn 25 in June.

1. Take a wine tasting class. Sadly, I know nothing about wine. Also, a port class would be nice.
2. Lose the weight I want in a healthy manner. Hopefully before April.
3. Read more. That includes romance novels and real books. ;)
4. Get my aria package together.
5. Light candles more often.
6. Try new looks.
7. Go on a road trip around New England.
8. Go to the aquarium in Boston.
9. Learn to eat and drink slower.
10. Send more letters and cards.
11. Try to visit my family in Texas and North Carolina.
12. Go to the Cape.
13. Go paint balling.
14. Go lazer tagging with friends.
15. Watch all of the movies on my DVR.
16. Get a new cellphone. Hopefully a blackberry.
17. Have more nights with friends.
18. Explore new music.
19. Get a bike.
20. Reconnect with people I have lost touch with.
21. Bake and cook more.
22. Take more pictures.
23. Laugh more. That's always a good one.
24. Send little things to Michael as often as possible. :)

I went a little nuts

Wed night, I was having dinner at 7pm with some friends (SLA and Steve). However, I got stuck at the office till 6pm and didn't feel like walking all the way home just to go straight back out again. So, I decided to waste time in a CVS till dinner. And ... I went nuts! I bought so many cards. I have never been a card person. I don't even send out birthday cards. I send people messages on facebook, a text or I just call them. But for some reason I just had to buy cards. Now I have been writing letters to keep myself busy at work. And you know what? I love it! It's lovely! I want to buy more cards. LOL

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

This was found on A Cup of Jo and SMITTEN!

Valentine's Day weekend, an adorable guy proposed to his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hear his and her stories of the proposal--and see their cute photos.

As the couple walked across the Brooklyn Bridge this past weekend, strangers handed her pink balloons and love notes. (He had asked his friends to stand on the other side of the bridge with a bunch of balloons and give the balloons to strangers, who would, in turn, hand them to her. The first balloon was given to her by his friend, who she wouldn't recognize. How clever!)

Her story:
* When we started taking a walk, he was acting jittery and was really chatty. He also missed our transfer on the subway which never happens. He's normally very calm and collected. I was a little suspicious.
* We started walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Strangers were handing me pink balloons, and too many things were going through my mind--just random thoughts like he is so cute, who are these people, wow I'm really lucky, doesn't this only happen in the movies? Is this real? He loves me, doesn't he?
* When he proposed, I felt really excited, happy and a little dazed!

His story:
* I was nervous and excited. As we walked, strangers gave her pink balloons and love notes. The notes were handwritten messages to her which reminded her of why I loved her and why I wanted to marry her.
* Now, I'm so happy and excited about the future.

by Joanna Goddard

I think that this story is so incredible and romantic! This is something I would love!

Found on SMITTEN

Three Kids Try to Elope for an African Wedding! This Story is Too Cute

~by Joanna Goddard

Would you want a destination wedding in Africa? Well, two German children did. Here's their ridiculously cute story...

Two German kids--Mika, six, and Anna Bell, seven--were in love and wanted to get hitched. So they decided to fly to Africa to tie the knot, according to Sky News.

Along with Mika's five-year-old sister, Anna-Lena, they packed suitcases with food, swimsuits, sunglasses and even an inflated pool float. In the early morning of January 1st, while their parents slept in, the three adventurers sneaked out of their house in the German suburbs and took a tram to the train station.

A guard noticed the kids and thought it was weird that they were carrying so much swim gear. After all, it was the dead of winter! He called over two police offers, who managed to convince the not-so-happy couple that they probably couldn't get to Africa without, uh, money or plane tickets.

"We wanted to take the train to the airport, and then catch a plane. Then we would unpack, and get married once we arrived. Then we wanted to go for a little holiday," Mika explained, disappointed.

How cute is that?!! See a little video of the young lovers here!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The King .... of Romance

If you're in the mood for romance or just good music, listen to Nat King Cole.

No matter what mood I'm in, his music always makes me smile. It reminds me of times at my Grandparents' house or dancing around the kitchen with my father. Michael and I had his music playing in the background all Valentine's Day weekend.

He is one of my all time favorites!

"I'm an interpreter of stories. When I perform it's like sitting down at my piano and telling fairy stories." - Nat King Cole


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend Results

Valentine's Day weekend was a blast!

Friday night, I stopped at Finale on the way home and picked up desserts. I went a little over board. I got 2 mini creme brulees, 1 mini lime tart, 1 mini chocolate decadence, 1 mini cheesecake and half a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. I filled my room with candles and laid out the delicious spread. My favorite bottle of wine was chilling in the flower pot Michael gave me last Valentine's Day. Nat King Cole was playing in the background when he entered my room. He loved it. He even loved that the dog came in and crashed our party. ;) Sadly, he was so tired after the long day that he passed out on my couch. lol

Saturday morning, we woke up and cooked each other breakfast. We decided to lounge around the house till it was time to go to dinner. Cuchi Cuchi was fantastic! They have amazing drinks and the Tuna tartare was delicious! Highly recommend it. Michael hadn't counted on "Casablanca" being sold out so we went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" instead. I loved it. The storyline about the couple who had been together for 7 years was a little hard to watch at times. (We have been together for over 7 years. lol) We then went home and picked up where we had left off the night before, dancing to Nat King Cole by candle light.

Sunday, we did brunch with one of my roommates, Steve, and then watched another movie. Michael suggested we invite some of my friends over for a game/movie night. We played Balderdash and watched "The Wedding Crashers". Forgot how funny that movie was. Plus, Ru had never seen it making it even better. ;)

Monday we cuddled till Michael left for the airport. I started to cry when he left. It is getting so hard to say goodbye. Long distance for 2 and a half years can be draining. I love the guy so it's worth it ... but I feel that it's time to go home.

And the award goes to

Carrie Underwood!!!

She always looks classy and everything about this outfit worked for me. :)

Second place goe
s to Kate Beckinsale.
I'm not sure I like the bottom, but I do like that she is finally wearing something not white.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day Weekend

Friday the 13th
  1. Pick up treats from Finale on the way home
  2. Clean and set up room
  3. Workout
  4. Shower and get ready
  5. Pick him up from the airport ?
  6. Come home to room filled with candles and music. Have treats from Finale and wine.

Saturday, Valentine's Day

  1. Make him breakfast
  2. Lounge around or go exploring
  3. Get ready for dinner
  4. Go to Cuchi Cuchi
  5. Go to showing of "Casablanca" or "Sabrina" (possibly "He's Just Not into You")
  6. Go to Jazz Club ?
Sunday, the 15th
  1. Go to brunch with Isabelle at Zaftigs
  2. Explore the North End and eat at Giacomo's
  3. Meet up with friends?
Monday, the 16th
  1. Breakfast
  2. Explore or Lounge around

Stolen from Carolann

"He who does not let his infirmity be known can scarcely expect to receive a cure. Love is an invisible wound within the body, and, since it has its source in nature, it is a long-lasting ill. For many it is the butt of jokes, as for those ignoble courtiers who philander around the world and then boast of their deeds. That is not love, but rather foolishness, wickedness and debauchery. A loyal partner, once discovered, should be served, loved and obeyed."

- Marie de France, c.12th Century England

Carolann has ways of finding some of the most beautiful things.

On my wish list for work

First Milk really found a gem. I love, love, love this bag. Look at all the brilliant ways there are to wear it. I am in need of a great work bag and this one does it all.

You can find this bag at the Curiosity Shoppe for $355. Right now it's out of stock, which is better for my wallet. But maybe someday. ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Babies are so cute in anything

Magnetic Chalkboard Mirror

How adorable is this? I would love to try this project with my boyfriend. Found on Design* Sponge.


-Vintage (or new, depending on your desire) frame or mirror
-Thin piece of steel
-Chalkboard Paint
-Spray adhesive
-Spray or regular paint for the frame

1. The mirror was disassembled and the mirror and backing board were saved

2. The mirror that was in the original frame was used as a template in order to draw the shape needed for the sheet metal, Easyboard, and spacing/backing cardboard. All items were cut out of the original stock. The sheet metal was cut with aviation snips, the Eashboard and cardboard were cut out with a carpet knife.

**if you’re not experienced or uncomfortable with cutting metal, please pick up a sheet of metal and have it cut to size at your local hardware store, or hire an affordable handyman on craigslist to do the cutting for you**

**alternatively: if you’d rather not deal with metal and don’t plan on hanging heavy items on the board, you can simply paint or spray the original frame/mirror with chalkboard paint and skip this step.**

3. The sheet metal was adhered to the Easyboard using the spray adhesive. A coating was applied to both surfaces in order to get a good lamination and then a large piece of plywood with cinderblocks were put on it in order to press them together for several hours.

4. The sheet metal surface was re-cleaned and then sprayed with a couple of coats of primer.

5. The sheet metal was then sprayed with the chalkboard paint.

6. The frame was cleaned and sprayed with the spray paint using numerous coats in order to get a complete coverage.

7. After the paint was dried, the frame was sprayed with clear coat in order to obtain a shiny, clean, hard surface for the frame.

8. After the frame dried completely the assembly took place first installing the metallic laminated chalkboard, then a cardboard spacer, and then the original backing was re-installed using the original screws and staples.