Friday, March 27, 2009


"Don't fear pressure,for pressure is what turns rough stones into diamonds"


you go, take

your whole

heart along.

A friend of mine sent me some "quotes to live by". I have been feeling a bit worn out from being sick and having people telling what I should and shouldn't do for the wedding. It hasn't even been 2 weeks people, let me enjoy being engaged first! Sheesh. lol I just hope that they realize this is our wedding and not theirs. (sigh)

Dear friends,

How do you deal with people trying to take over your wedding? How do you keep everyone's feelings from being hurt?


~ Kubby


Clare said...

My brother and his girlfriend got engaged at Christmas and our mother has already submitted the list with the names of her friends she would like invited to the wedding! My future sister in law wants to do everything herself and is getting stressed with all the advice. I have told them to not worry about everyone else, be polite but firm that you appreciate their comments, etc and lie and say you will consider that option and do what you want. Someone always gets upset at weddings, its par for the course. I had a great aunt get huffy when she was told that she couldnt stay the night at a relatives house because ther wsa no room because my husbnads family from america needed to stay there. Good grief the woman lived an hour away. My advice is smile, say thank you and do what you want. Good luck

Jojo said...

Oh good question, and so important to think about these things now. For me it really came down to 'we are paying for this thing and we're going to do it our way'...harsh but true. You need to remember your wedding is a day for you and Michael to remember for the rest of your lives and everyone else will be invited because you love them and want them there. That should be enough for them, but you know people will ALWAYS give you a million suggestions and 'advice'. It bugged me at first and then I came to realise that they only do it through love so I chose to smile and nod politely and then do what we both wanted. Also, I found that when I was making decisions I would keep it just between Billy and I and then people can' change your mind... Stay true to what you and Michael think will be YOUR perfect day! Wishing you lots of love and happiness!