Friday, February 20, 2009

I went a little nuts

Wed night, I was having dinner at 7pm with some friends (SLA and Steve). However, I got stuck at the office till 6pm and didn't feel like walking all the way home just to go straight back out again. So, I decided to waste time in a CVS till dinner. And ... I went nuts! I bought so many cards. I have never been a card person. I don't even send out birthday cards. I send people messages on facebook, a text or I just call them. But for some reason I just had to buy cards. Now I have been writing letters to keep myself busy at work. And you know what? I love it! It's lovely! I want to buy more cards. LOL


Jojo said...

I'm a freak for cards...send them all the time for no reason. I just think it's so nice to receive something in the post you're not expecting, just because! You can make someone's day without even doing anything big.

kubbybear said...

I sent out 15 in one day. Crazy!

Emily said...

I LOVE the written word! Giving and getting cards is the best thing ever! -e