Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Man Sells Credit Card Debt On eBay

Husband, Wife Struggle To Pay Mortgage - from WVCB TV

A Massachusetts man in fear of losing his home is hoping eBay bidders help him and his wife get out of credit card debt.The 29-year-old Milford man, who uses the name speedwerx on the auction Web site, said he owes $22,000 in credit card debt. He and his wife have both lost their jobs and missed a mortgage payment on their townhome where they have lived for the past two years."We got married, we're a young family, tried to buy a place and pushed too far, too early," he said.
He's looking for 2,500 eBay buyers to bid $10 each to help pay down the family's debt. Each bidder will receive a picture of his family and a thank you card for helping them in their time of need.
He was working as an engineer in the Massachusetts area when he lost his job in January. His 26-year-old wife is also out of work and searching for a job, and they have a 2-year-old daughter.He said between bills and college loans, "We just reached our breaking point."He wants to remain anonymous except to winning bidders.
"This is a very humbling time for me, and I'm looking to do everything I can to support my family," speedwerx posted in his listing on eBay.

Ok sign me up if this works. I have a bunch of student loans to pay off.

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