Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who's who to you?

Who are these people in your life? Have you spoken to them lately? Have you told them what they mean to you? Does this picture resemble your group of friends? If you asked other people to describe the same people, would it be the same? Who would you be?


Clare said...

MR MEN!!!!!!!!!! Hi, I found you by way of The English Muse. I am from England and I love the Mr. Men. My Dad and I would read them when I was little.

Love your blog. I will follow you if you follow me!

Ex Pat!

Clare said...

I am the one that is always hungry and the good friend. How about you?

Joyous said...

I am the one that always swears! I would also like to think I am "The One You Can Depend On" too. Maybe a lil Gangster......just joshing....tee hee

Jojo said...

hahaha! I'm English too and LOVE the Mr Men. Childhood would not have been the same without them. I think I'm the one that's always hungry, the shy one and the one that's up to no good, all mixed together!!

kubbybear said...

Hi Clare. Welcome!

I love that you all are mixes. :)

I think I am a mix of the one that always gets hurt, the good friend and the one you can depend on. At least I hope I am the last 2. ;)

Emily said...

Too funny, great post- I love these books! -e