Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend Results

Valentine's Day weekend was a blast!

Friday night, I stopped at Finale on the way home and picked up desserts. I went a little over board. I got 2 mini creme brulees, 1 mini lime tart, 1 mini chocolate decadence, 1 mini cheesecake and half a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. I filled my room with candles and laid out the delicious spread. My favorite bottle of wine was chilling in the flower pot Michael gave me last Valentine's Day. Nat King Cole was playing in the background when he entered my room. He loved it. He even loved that the dog came in and crashed our party. ;) Sadly, he was so tired after the long day that he passed out on my couch. lol

Saturday morning, we woke up and cooked each other breakfast. We decided to lounge around the house till it was time to go to dinner. Cuchi Cuchi was fantastic! They have amazing drinks and the Tuna tartare was delicious! Highly recommend it. Michael hadn't counted on "Casablanca" being sold out so we went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" instead. I loved it. The storyline about the couple who had been together for 7 years was a little hard to watch at times. (We have been together for over 7 years. lol) We then went home and picked up where we had left off the night before, dancing to Nat King Cole by candle light.

Sunday, we did brunch with one of my roommates, Steve, and then watched another movie. Michael suggested we invite some of my friends over for a game/movie night. We played Balderdash and watched "The Wedding Crashers". Forgot how funny that movie was. Plus, Ru had never seen it making it even better. ;)

Monday we cuddled till Michael left for the airport. I started to cry when he left. It is getting so hard to say goodbye. Long distance for 2 and a half years can be draining. I love the guy so it's worth it ... but I feel that it's time to go home.


Jojo said...

oh wow, what an excellent wkend. I too watched He's just not that into you this weekend, and thought it was great. I'm so sad that you had to say goodbye to Michael...that's really tough. Where is home? Why are you apart? Sorry if it's too personal, it's just I have a bit of experience with this kind of thing. :)

Indie.Tea said...

Awww, it sounds like a sweet Valentine's celebration. Breakfast together sounds wonderful...

kubbybear said...

Ha no problem JoJo.

Home is in Chicago. I came out to Boston to get my Masters in Vocal Performance. I stayed out here when it was over to keep working. However, I feel that maybe it's time to go home.