Friday, February 20, 2009

24 things before I am 25

Inspired by Naturally Nina. This is a list of 24 things I would do before I turn 25 in June.

1. Take a wine tasting class. Sadly, I know nothing about wine. Also, a port class would be nice.
2. Lose the weight I want in a healthy manner. Hopefully before April.
3. Read more. That includes romance novels and real books. ;)
4. Get my aria package together.
5. Light candles more often.
6. Try new looks.
7. Go on a road trip around New England.
8. Go to the aquarium in Boston.
9. Learn to eat and drink slower.
10. Send more letters and cards.
11. Try to visit my family in Texas and North Carolina.
12. Go to the Cape.
13. Go paint balling.
14. Go lazer tagging with friends.
15. Watch all of the movies on my DVR.
16. Get a new cellphone. Hopefully a blackberry.
17. Have more nights with friends.
18. Explore new music.
19. Get a bike.
20. Reconnect with people I have lost touch with.
21. Bake and cook more.
22. Take more pictures.
23. Laugh more. That's always a good one.
24. Send little things to Michael as often as possible. :)


Jojo said...

These are great ideas, I love the idea of setting goals... good luck with them! I'm with you on the learning to eat and drink slower! ;)

Indie.Tea said...

Wow, that sounds like a fun list :)
I agree with you on several points on your list...

naturally nina said...

Yay!! Great list! :)