Friday, January 30, 2009

Feeling stuck

"Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserve; it is life's undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room. " ~Harriet Beecher Stowe

I don't know how the rest of you feel about New England weather, but I am over it. I'm tired of slipping and sliding every time I leave my house. Don't get me wrong. I love snow and the beauty it brings but this is just ridiculous. Thank God it is warming up a bit this weekend.

The weather has only been another check mark on my con list for Boston. There are a lot of those lately.

Cons/ Reasons to move back to Chicago
  • The boy is not here. I miss him terribly. 2 and a half years long distance is a long time.
  • Haven't had a lesson in a long time which makes me wonder why the hell I stayed here when I have more opportunities at home.
  • The way this city handles winter is annoying
  • I could save $ if I go back.
  • Family and friends are there. (I feel horrible when someone calls up in trouble and I can't be there for them.)
Pros/ Reasons to stay in Boston
  • I love my friends and housemates. I am so lucky to have them in my life.
  • I have a job! Would I even be able to find a job in this economy?
  • I feel very independent here. The last year and a half is the first time I have started to live my life for me. I have finally started to put my happiness first. Discovering who you are is incredible.
  • My lease is not up till Sept.
I want to go home to Chicago but the question is when?


SLA said...

Oh, I'd be so sad if you left :-(

CGGI said...

you can do whatever you set your heart on:)