Monday, January 19, 2009

Sometimes plans don't follow through and it's for the best

So I had a blast this weekend.

Friday night: (very cold)
Plans = I have the house to myself. Maybe work out and have a movie night.
Results = My roommate Steve convinces me to come out to Border Cafe with friends for a night of margaritas and fun! (It was like having the old Steve back. :) I had to go!) Wendy headed over with us. We waited a bit out in the cold but were rewarded with drinks as soon as we got in. I met a lot of new people. I really like them. (This girl Laila really seemed to be into Steve. I hope that takes off. He deserves to be happy and not keep getting screwed over. ) Pete and Jason were there too. :) Plus Aaron works there as a server. It was nice to see him. After a lot of drinks and great food, we walked around in the cold and finally got a cab home. Barry was up so the drinking continued for a while. It was a great night!

Plans = Maggie's party tonight
Results = Woke up. Made breakfast for Steve and Barry. I was still thrilled with how last night had gone. I even did most of the dishes to help Steve out because he was hung over. lol Maggie called and asked me to help her film a video for this cool job to be an island caretaker. If she wins, she is flying me out and I will be her cleaning lady. ;) We filmed in the Boston Commons.
Next, we went around getting things for the party. I got 3 bottles of my favorite wine, a yoga mat, bread and double stuffed oreoes for myself. haha
Ben surprised us by getting home early and we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. I love Maggie and Ben! They are great friends and great people.
The party started at 9pm. It was a blast. I hadn't seen many of those people in a while. There was even sword fighting! My friends dropped me off thank god! It was super icy and I was a bag lady again.

Setback: While my friends were dropping me off, I noticed a smart car on the street. Sigh. Yes it means that Steve's "we're just friends" ex-girlfriend Brittany is staying over again. All I have to say is this. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice and I am just asking for it." I haven't said anything to him because he is an adult and can make his own decisions. Also the last time I tried to say something as a friend, he treated me poorly for a while. You can't talk to people about love. However, if he turns into the person he did last time, I'm not putting up with it. He's better than that.

Plans = Go to see the movie Defiance
Results = Went to the movie with Josh, Lisa, Jay and Ru. I loved it! GO SEE IT! I think Daniel Craig is moving up to the top 5 on my list. ;)
Lisa left after the movie and the rest of us headed over to The White Horse Tavern. We watched the Ravens vs Steelers Game and played trivia. It was non stop laughs.

Minor setback for the day = I got home to find Lupus had had an accident. Apparently, no one had been home since 4:30pm. Also, the kitchen was not clean and there were still tons of dishes. So .... not into it. I am going to wait on my duties this week till that stuff is done.

Plans = Go to Public House with Sarah!!!
Results = Had a great night with Sarah!!! Done!